Cycling – About the Club


ANZA Cycling is Singapore’s largest social cycling club with over 300 members. Our members form groups and ride established routes from set starting points, pretty much every day of the year. Members include social cyclists, experienced road racers, triathletes, long-distance lovers and mud-spattered MTBers.

Groups range in size from 8 to 16 riders, with distance and pace also varying. There’s a 20km long ‘Newcomers’ Introductory’ ride; through 30km ‘steady/no-drop’ loops; to slightly faster groups that ride a 65km route; and very fast groups that might typically average 38kph (cruising at 45+kph) over a 85+km route. We also run regular ‘Chix Rides’ just for girls. Our weekend rides always finish up around Orchard for a coffee.

We strongly emphasise safe cycling and good road sharing practices and ask all cyclists riding with us to familiarise themselves with our ‘group safety and etiquette’ guidelines before joining us for a ride.

To join a group ride, cyclists must be over 18. In special circumstances, we will consider allowing minors to join group rides, as long as they are over 15 and accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please contact to enquire.

Join ANZA Cycling

ANZA Cycling membership is only $88 for new members and includes:

  • Information and option to join daily rides
  • Free monthly club breakfasts
  • Social events (Picotin member-only events, info nights, BBQs, Christmas Party)
  • Supported club trips and training rides and activities throughout the region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan etc)
  • Opportunities to form racing teams for events in the region
  • Discounts and goodies from our sponsors and supporters (Allied World Alliance, iFS, Picotin, Seatronics, Dimbulah Coffee, Boost Juice, Orthomed Physio, LushProtein, BCW Lubricant and others – see our member benefits page)
  • Option to buy our very stylish club kit (inc. jersey, shorts, gloves, socks etc.)


We have an extensive ANZA Cycling FAQ page with answers to most of your questions. If you’ve still got questions, you can contact the appropriate Committee members.

To join ANZA Cycling there are 2 steps

  1. You must be a financial ANZA member. Join ANZA!
  2. Join ANZA Cycling for an additional payment of $88 by completing our Membership Application Form.

So where and when do we ride?

The map below shows where we meet, the schedule shows when.